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From brian janaszek <>
Subject Re: IDE
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2003 19:24:07 GMT

> > I am interested in knowing what IDE's developers are using out there. What
> > IDE would you recommend for me? Are there IDE's that integrate all these
> > technologies?
> >
> > Are there IDE's that allow easier configuration of Tomcat and Struts? Any
> > that allow easier use of Servlets and JSP?
> >

I'll play the role of curmudgeon here (since no one else has) :-)

I've used both JDeveloper and Eclipse, but for most web app projects,
I've found that vim and Ant do just fine.  Perhaps I haven't had enough
time to really play around with Eclipse, but I feel more comfortable
just dealing with Ant for compiling and building.  Even when I was
working on a larger project with JDeveloper, myself and other members of
the team still used Ant from the command line...JDeveloper become a just
a text editor with code completion ability.

That said, if you've got to use an IDE, I'd recommend Eclipse.  It's
free, and always will be...


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