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From "Marc Chamberlin" <>
Subject Bugzilla and Tomcat
Date Mon, 21 Apr 2003 16:56:59 GMT
I am wondering if anyone has managed to install Bugzilla on a Linux system
using just the Jakarta Tomcat web server and not Apache. We have started
down this path, since the current version of Tomcat4.1 will execute CGI scripts,
but we seem to be running into some serious deployment issues about where to
install the various scripts and associated resources.

A specific issue we are facing is that Bugzilla seems to be dependent upon
the Apache ability to add a handler for CGI files, and those CGI files can
be deployed anywhere within a web application's directory space. Tomcat
appears to want CGI files to be located in a specific directory that is
"outside" the directly accessible web app directories. (under WEB-INF/cgi)
and requires references to associated resources such as html or image files
to be within the directly accessible web app directories. So,Tomcat does not
appear to allow a mixture of CGI and other resource files within the same
directory, which the Bugzilla deployment from its tar file expects.

 If anyone has done this, I would love to hear about your experiences and
discuss some of the issues we are facing with you further. Thanks...

   Marc Chamberlin.

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