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From <>
Subject Re: Standalone Tomcat/Multiple SSL Certs
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 00:57:28 GMT
i have a site composed of 4 html files and a servlet.
I would like that to access a servlet i would reach this address:

and to access the HTML files i have to digit those address below:

Since i cannot achieve this result using the web.xml and server.xml,  Im
planning to write a simple Servlet, mapped onto the /* URL path, to map a
request to the appropriate servlet/html resource. For example i want that
accessing the URL i would be always be served
by the servlet. Accessing
the URL i would be served by Coyote returning just
the html file,  and so on.
I know that i have to use RequestDispatcher and forward() method, but i
would like to read more info about than the Javadocs.

Any servlet example already written and available to be read on any site?


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