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From "Jeff cox" <>
Subject Multiple Servers
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 14:39:48 GMT
	I have been trying to set up multiple "tomcat servers" on the
same machine. What I am trying to do is setup a "production", "testing",
and "develoment" server. My first thought was that I didn't need to
actually create 3 separate instances of tomcat, but instead create three
different services. I also didn't want to change the default port
settings for the connectors. So, I first created two logical interfaces
(i.e. eth0 and eth1), then created the two new services and their
respective connectors, assigning them to their respective logical
interface's ip address. I then created a 'host' for these to services,
'localhost', and added relevant context's (i.e. / and /manager). I
continued to get server 404 errors when trying to connect to either of
those contexts. Each 'host' was set up under a new webapps directory
(webapps_dev, webapps_test). However, I was unable to get things to work
using this scenario. Might there be something I am missing? Can what I
am looking to do be done in this way? Currently I simply set up 3
different instances of the whole tomcat binary. Using different IP
addresses with the connectors and a different port number for the server
itself (i.e. 8005, 8006, 8007). Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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