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From "mike jackson" <>
Subject RE: IDE
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2003 17:04:03 GMT
Install the Tomcat plugin into Eclipse.  It'll build the tomcat project
structure in the project somewhat like you're showing.  I've found that
once Eclipse has built the structure I usually spend about 5-10 minutes
pulling all of my sources and whatnot and copying them over to the
Eclipse project directory.  I then restart Eclipse and "refresh" the
project.  After everything seems like it's in the proper locations I
usually then right click on the project and setup team sharing.  This
takes care of the problem I already mentioned with Eclipse, namely that
my properties files in the WEB-INF/classes directory keep going away.  

Also, I like that Eclipse will auto-checkout the files that I want to
work one.  You just have to pull the file up in the editor and try to
make a change, it'll ask if you want to check it out and if you say yes
then it does.  Nothing more to do than just remember to check the files
back in and you're done.  Now if I could only get the boss to get a copy
of Clear Case for the office (using MS Visual Source Safe currently, and
yes, I know about CVS).

mike jackson

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From: Erik Price [] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 6:54 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: IDE

This is exactly the problem that I'm having with Eclipse.  I would like 
to use the recommended directory hierarchy from the Tomcat Application 
Developer's guide, which is also the directory hierarchy that my Ant 
build files expect -- and regardless of an IDE's build features, I will 
probably never use anything *but* ant for building.

But instead of simply opening files with Eclipse, I have to "import" 
them or even create them in Eclipse in the first place.  This means that

from within an Eclipse project I have no way to see outside of the "src"

directory within which my class hierarchies exist, and I normally keep 
my 3rd-party libraries (such as log4j.jar, etc) in a "lib" directory 
that is at the same level as my "src".

Thus, as far as I can tell Eclipse prevents the developer from using the

recommended Tomcat source structure.  If someone using Eclipse can set 
me straight on this, and tell me I'm wrong, and how to accommodate the 
existing recommended Tomcat source structure, that'd be great -- I know 
there are a lot of Eclipse users here.

To give some context of what I'm talking about, the source tree as 
exported from CVS:

build/       <-- generated by Ant
build.xml    <-- my build file
dist/        <-- generated by Ant
docs/        <-- supplemental document files
src/         <-- *** this is the only directory that I     ***
   com/           *** can get Eclipse to see as a "project" ***
web/         <-- contains JSPs and HTML files
   WEB-INF/   <-- duh
     tld/     <-- contains taglib descriptors


Chin, Ed wrote:
> Is there an IDE that sets up the application architecture
automatically? For
> example create the WEB-INF/classes etc.... 
> Tomcat User wrote:
> What I can't get used to is that it doesn't seem to allow a lot of
> over the organization of source files.  It has its own idea of how
> should be... NB uses an 
> elegant "mounting" system that I really like.  Perhaps this is
> added in this new 2.1 release of Eclipse.
> Erik
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