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From Chong Yu Meng <>
Subject Re: Linux denies access to Tomcat
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2003 02:29:42 GMT
If you're using RH7.3, take a look inside /etc/hosts.allow. If it is 
blank, it means that it does not accept  remote connections from 
anywhere. Add your Win2K server's IP address inside the list and try again.

Cinzia S wrote:

>Hello people,
>I'm not familiar with Linux but I'm trying to solve an access problem we are
>having with Tomcat.
>I'm running Tomcat as a service on Windows 2000pro. It runs as in-process
>with IIS. A java application requires to access some directories on a Linux
>box (Red Hat 7.3 running Samba server) and I'm having some problems with
>getting the right permission for Tomcat.
>Tomcat is set up with a local user rights. Drives are mapped so that Tomcat
>has access to these locations. Tomcat user/password is also set up on the
>Also if it is of some help, the java application doesn't work when Tomcat is
>given a domain user in the Services.
>Can anyone help?
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