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From Oleksiy Podopryhora <>
Subject configuring a Jakarta Tomcat on Solaris
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 10:52:27 GMT
 Hi there,
I am configuring a Jakarta Tomcat on Solaris for our students. Since I 
have no experience with subject I decided to ask for your help and 
advice in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes. I have installed Tomcat 
on the port 8080. On our system everybody has an account so I added 

Web server can automatically map a request URI starting
with a tilde character ("~") and a username to a directory
(commonly named public_html) in that user's home directory
on the server. we accomplish the same thing in Catalina by
using a special Listener element like this (on a Unix system
that uses the /etc/passwd file to identify valid users):

<Listener className="org.apache.catalina.startup.UserConfig"

our users can put their JSP stuff into their public_html directory. Also 
I added

<DefaultContext reloadable="true"/>

because I would like Catalina automatically reload the web application 
if a change is detected.

but it does not work ;-( and it's not convinient to restart a whole 
server after making simple change to the script.

How can I put log files in the user's public_html directories, so users 
can see errors that belong to their scripts only? What shell I configure 
as well? What can be useful?

Please advice.

Thanks to all

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