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From Jon Roberts <>
Subject Re: free servlet directory gateway w/ tomcat installation instructions
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 23:33:03 GMT
Jacob Kjome wrote:
> Why do you recommend putting the two required jar files ( ldaphttp.jar 
> and ldapjdk.jar ) in CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib?  Why not just add a 
> WEB-INF/lib directory to your .war archive and put the jars in there.  
> It makes for much simpler deployment and fewer instructions.

I want to make it easy to deploy multiple .war files of servlets (read: 
applications) that all use these libraries. Also, if you put them in the 
.war, you can't put the examples in CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib because 
they would extend classes that would then be "hidden" in the .war. Then 
you'd have to extract and modify files inside the .war to get it to work 
or make modifications to your local definitions.

> Also, why not have a default working example already set up and ready to 
> go?  As it stands, the .war file you have isn't deployable without some 
> additional work.  Why not just set it up so that it works by simply 
> dropping it in CATALNIA_HOME/webapps and something can actually be 
> viewed by default?  It would make it more clear how things are supposed 
> to work.

The problem is that any example would require the knowledge of the 
associated directory server. Directory servers have few limitations on 
how they are configured, so no set of defaults would cover everybody and 
I don't want to provide an example that only works out of the box for a 
percentage of people. I could assume internet connectivity and use a 
public internet server, but I don't currently administer one myself and 
would consider it inappropriate to reference somebody else's.

This isn't ideal, and that's why I absolutely want to hear what's 
impalatable. However, I am kind of interested in creating something that 
nudges people to set up and use the javac and jar commands. It promotes 
awareness and administrative self-sufficiency for Java in general.

> Just my $0.02

And thanks for it. It's worth more than that to me, but I don't support 
micropayments so you'll have to content yourself with my gratitude :)

Jon Roberts

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