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From Peter Yellman <>
Subject Tomcat 4.1.18 LE JNDI datasource & pooling problem: commons-dbcp.jar, commons-pool.jar not included
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 23:01:32 GMT

I recently decided to try 4.1.18 LE + Java 1.4.1 and had some trouble 
setting up a JNDI (pooled) datasource.  After some frustration, I 
realized that the version I had downloaded does not include 
commons-dbcp.jar and commons-pool.jar in the common/lib directory. 
Looking at some recent traffic on this list, it is apparent to me that 
others have had this problem also.  I just copied the jars from a 
standard 4.1.18 installation and things worked fine.

Does anyone know why these jars are not included in the LE bundle? 
While I recall reading that LE version leaves out the XML parser since 
one is provided by Java 1.4, I do not recall any mention of leaving out 
any commons stuff, particularly the dbcp and pool packages.

Perhaps on a related note, what are the reasons one might use the LE 
distribution with Java 1.4 rather than the standard distribution, other 
than the smaller download size of LE (which doesn't matter much to me). 
  Is there any reason to think that the new capabilities provided by jdk 
1.4.x are any better (e.g., performance or feature-wise) than what come 
with the standard Tomcat distribution?  Are the Tomcat developers 
planning to phase out these capabilities/bundles in the near future?

Peter Yellman

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