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From Jon Roberts <>
Subject free servlet directory gateway w/ tomcat installation instructions
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2003 16:37:15 GMT
I am an independent software developer and consultant. Last fall I 
released a free and open source software product that I think some may 
be interested in. You can find out all about it at:

My central offering is a framework for building efficient MVC web 
applications using web servers, directory servers, and Java servlets. I 
deliver with it a directory gateway application that enables users to 
retrieve, create, delete, extend, update, and link entries in directory 
databases through web interfaces. It was developed in a contractual 
engagement and is currently being used in a high-vis production capacity 
within an mid-size enterprise. I intend to add some key capabilities in 
the coming year, and will launch subscription web services of my own 
design sometime afterwards.

I have now reconfigured the delivered software to be installed with a 
.war file, and have included specific notes for Tomcat installation. You 
can find this (and some commentary which *may* be of interest to you) at:

I request your feedback on these installation instructions. In 
particular, I want to make sure there is not a community or technical 
reason for aversion to putting packaged software in the 
[CATALINA_HOME]/shared/lib directory.

Most of my previous servlet engine experience has been with the 
Netscape/iPlanet/Sun ONE family of web servers. However, in the interest 
of open source I have migrated my development environment to 
Apache/Tomcat to complement Linux and OpenLDAP. FWIW, I so far find 
Tomcat to be superior in capability and support to the Sun offering, but 
with some shortcomings in stability and complexity both with the 
application itself and with the (still evolving) space of connectors. I 
am committed to the approach overall, and will provide feedback and 
support when possible. Thank you for any interest and feedback, and 
please keep up the great work.

Jon Roberts

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