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From "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject RE: XML problem with Tomcat 4.1.18 (but was ok in 4.0.4)
Date Sun, 02 Mar 2003 00:35:36 GMT

On Sat, 1 Mar 2003, neal wrote:

> Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 13:59:27 -0800
> From: neal <>
> Reply-To: Tomcat Users List <>
> To: Tomcat Users List <>
> Subject: RE: XML problem with Tomcat 4.1.18 (but was ok in 4.0.4)
> Hmm.  I hear what you're saying but I would think that if Tomcat uses
> different forms of URL formats that would be a fundamental
> backwards-compatability issue.  Is this not a concern of the product?

No ... the "external form" of the URL returned by getResource() is a
private implementation detail, just as the fully qualified class name of
the class that implements HttpSession is a private implementation detail.
Just because you can see it doesn't mean you should rely on it.  The same
goes for relying on any other container-specific (or sometimes even
version-specific) feature that is not defined in the specs (like the
invoker servlet, or the ability to reload a webapp without restarting your
server, or tons of other things ...).

More important in this particular case is a fundamental principle of
understanding how works -- the mechanism that resolves a URL
can either be built in (the URLStreamHandler argument passed to one of the
constructors) or must be provided externally.  You cannot assume that
URL --> String --> URL transformations can be done without losing

See the Java Tutorial's "Networking Trail" for more info on the URL
related APIs.

> :(


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