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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: 403 Forbidden - you don't have permission ... any ideas?
Date Sat, 22 Feb 2003 04:41:28 GMT
With your config, the one thing that you can rule out for sure is the
connector.  Apache won't consult the connector in this case (or, rather, it
will but mod_jk(2) will punt :).  It is entirely an Apache configuration
problem.  Just for chuckles, you could try commenting out the 'AllowOverride
None' in the <Directory /> element.  I've never used Apache under Windows,
so it might be different.

To combine responses:
It isn't necessarily true that 8080 would fail if Apache does.  For one
thing, it is typically running as a different user.  For another, Tomcat
doesn't do the tree-walk, so it is happy as long as it has 'rx' permissions
on the final directory.  Apache requires 'rx' permissions on all
directories, since it will check them all for the presence of a '.htaccess'

"tomcat guy" <> wrote in message
> Could it possibly be with the connector?
> I'm thinking that could be a possibility since I can see the directory
> http://localhost:8080/examples but I get the 403 err with
> http://localhost/examples...  Keep in mind http://localhost/examples/jsp
> gives no error, shows my jsp samples...
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bill Barker" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Friday, February 21, 2003 12:24 AM
> Subject: Re: 403 Forbidden - you don't have permission ... any ideas?
> At a very quick glance, it looks like it should be Ok.  My first guess
> be tree permissions.  Apache will tree-walk, so it needs at least 'rx'
> permissions to all directories upto and including
> "D:/Apache/Tomcat4.1/CTG/examples".
> 403 is also Apache's normal response when you have disabled directory
> listings, but I didn't see that in my quick glance (quick := I very well
> have overlooked something :).
>   "tomcat guy" <> wrote in message
> news:001301c2d91d$b63a0590$6601a8c0@ctg...
>   If anyone can help, here is my problem:
>   I can go to http://localhost:8080/examples and I get the directory
> images/ jsp/ servlets/.  BUT when I go to http://localhost/examples I get
> the forbidden error?!?
>   Any ideas?  The permissions are all good.
>   I go to http://localhost/examples/jps and it works?  The JSP's work
> with the servlets.
>   I recently reinstalled my apache server.  I cannot remember this not
> working.  What did I forget!!!   (besides my documentation, of course).
>   Basically I need to setup a directory path to
> http://localhost/examples/temp or http://localhost/temp & to my
> nothing is working!!!
>   I have attached a copy of my httpd.conf & server.xml.  If anyone would
> able to give it a quick glance OR send a copy of your config files that
> would be great!
>   I am using:
>   Apache2.0.43
>   Tomcat4.1.18
>   mod_jk
>   Win2k
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