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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: LoadOnStartupInterceptor: cannot load servlet name
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2003 06:26:51 GMT
The simplest is to just include the Oracle jars in lib/common.

Otherwise, it's not a 'server.xml' setting.  Assuming that Tomcat is running
under the user 'tomcat', then you would need to create a file called
'~tomcat/.tomcatrc' looking like:


Alternatively, you can edit the '' file to do the same thing.  The
value of this System property gets added to the classpath for the 'common'
classloader, so it should solve your problem.

"Ray Kosby" <> wrote in message
I have jakarta-tomcat-3.3.1a on a Solaris 8 machine.  I have a servlet
that uses classes contained in ".zip" and ".jar" files that are located
in jakarta-tomcat/lib/common.  Whenever I start tomcat I get the
following error:

LoadOnStartupInterceptor: cannot load servlet name: Database Servlet -
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: oracle/jdbc/pool/OracleDataSource

I found the following in the documentation:

        If the chosen classloader is the Common Classloader or Apps
        classloader you include a directory or jar these classloaders by
        listing them a System property. For the Common Classloader,
        include the directory or jar file in a System property named
        org.apache.tomcat.common.classpath. For the Apps classloader,
        use a System property named org.apache.tomcat.apps.classpath.

If this is the solution, I can't find a clear example of what the tags
in server.xml should look like to accomplish this.  Any one know if I'm
on the right track and how to do this?


Ray "new at tomcat" Kosby
Ray Kosby <>

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