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From "Bill Barker" <>
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 05:17:20 GMT
Probably, because Craig has much more sense than to respond to rants like
this (unlike some people, say me ;-).  Also Craig is not one of the
moderators of this list (and, I'm not one either).

"Steve Burrus" <> wrote in message
> Thank you Peng for being THE ONLY PERSON TO RESPOND TO ME SO FAR!!! I
really do appreciate your honesty that u seemed to display in yer response
back to me!!! And, I have never stated this as a reason for sounding the way
that I must to others in our newsgroup, but I have never much learned the
"social graces" that everyone needs to learn somewhere along the line in
growing up!! That is certainly no kind of a condemnation of my nice parents
and their parenting skills. No, it is more a refection of me and the very
way that i chose to be to the rest of the world, sad to say! Please, can't
someone other than this Peng respond back to my "baring of my soul" in a
meaningful and relevent way? Why have I not heard back from this Craig
Mcclanahan with the news that he intends to "kick me out" of this newsgroup?
I seem to almost be begging for it in the way that this "rant" of mine

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