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From Chris Faulkner <>
Subject Clustering
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 08:55:15 GMT

I am looking at running a cluster of Tomcat servers running on separate machine behind a cluster
of web servers. I need the same session information stored and to be available across all
instances of 
Tomcat - I can't guarantee that requests from the same client will end up at the same instance
of Tomcat. So here are my potential solutions. I'd really appreciate people's comments on
the stability/usability 
of each, please ?

1. Use the Persistent Manager component, provided by Tomcat itself, with  a JDBC based store.
This looks great until I read that the implementation is considered experimental. What are
experiences with this and how long will it be before this is considered stable ?

2. Write my own Filter which goes to the database and restores session stuff information for
a client every time. 

3. Use JavaGroups ( Looks great
but there is a single point of failure - what happens if the JavaGroups component goes down
? Does anyone 
have any experience with this ? What is reliability and performance like ?



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