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From "Noncubicle Corp" <>
Subject STILL NEED HELP! - Tomcat 4.1 acting weird with redirect / sessions
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 11:03:29 GMT
>Hi all,
>I have an application that has been up and running on Tomcat 3.x for over a 
>year and I rewrote it on a Windows 2000 box using Tomcat 4.0 recently. I 
>have uncovered a weird error once I moved it to the production server, 
>which is running Linux 7.2 and Tomcat 4.1.X.
>Once I log into the application, I set a couple of variables into the 
>session scope. All is cool (as in I can get and set values in the active 
>session) until the FIRST time I use response.sendRedirect(). For whatever 
>reason, the first time this occurs, the session is lost, and I get a new 
>one (thus triggering my security code which redirects the user to the login 
>But...once at the login page, if I log in again (without a restart or 
>anything like that) all is OK and the exact code which caused this 
>behaviour acts exactly as I would expect, and always maintains a valid 
>handle on the current session. This has never happened on Tomcat 4.0 (at 
>least on Windows...I went directly from Tomcat 3x to 4.1 on the prod. 
>server). For now, I have simply asked users to log in twice, wich makes me 
>look like a real pro...:-(
>So, does anyone have any ideas? I replaced the offending redirect with a 
>requestDispatcher forward, but all that did was MOVE the problem to the 
>next piece of code which uses response.sendRedirect(). I am not really in 
>the mood to replace ALL instances of the redirects with forwards, as that 
>feels like a band-aid solution, so please help if you can!
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