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From Brett Neumeier <>
Subject RE: jk2 config -- uri directive for root context?
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 22:24:46 GMT
Jake Robb writes:
> So, given that I haven't changed the root context definition, 
> why doesn't my
> index.jsp page work?  I moved the old stuff out, and put mine 
> in, and Tomcat
> says it can't find the file.

I don't know.  Have you tried starting from a working configuration, and
making minimal changes until you've got what you really want?

1.  Unpack jakarta-tomcat-4.1.18.
2.  Start it, and browse to http://localhost:8080/
3.  You should see the "welcome to tomcat" page (index.jsp).
4.  Shut down tomcat.  Copy your index.jsp file into the
$catalina_home/webapps/ROOT directory.
5.  Delete everything from the $catalina_home/work directory.
6.  Start up tomcat; browse to http://localhost:8080/

What happens?

If it doesn't work, my suggestion is that there is a problem with your
index.jsp file.  Does that make sense?  It's all about subdividing the
problem space and thereby isolating where the problem must be.



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