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From Brett Neumeier <>
Subject RE: jk2 config -- uri directive for root context?
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:03:36 GMT
Hi Jake,

> Does this work when going to Tomcat directly (say to port 8080, if you've
> got a HTTP connector listening to that port) rather than going through a
> native web server?  If you don't have an HTTP connector configured in
> Tomcat, you might want to add one to help in debugging the situation.

Have you tried this?  What happens when you take the web server and JK out
of the picture?  I think this is the most obvious first step you can take to
determine where the problem lies.

If it turns out that everything works fine when you make the request
directly to Tomcat, then the problem is certainly related to JK2 -- either a
bug in the JK2 code, or a misconfiguration, or both.

If it turns out that HTTP requests direct to Tomcat don't work any better
than the ones being sent through the native web server and JK2, then the
problem is probably not related to JK2 -- thus there must be a
misconfiguration on the Tomcat side.

> You also might want to enable debugging information in the web server, or
> tomcat, or both -- if you can find out what Tomcat is trying to do, that
> might illuminate why it's not doing what you expect.

Have you tried this?  The places you can turn on debugging information (as
far as I know) are:

In, as "debug=" properties for components -- you can set
debug to values from 1 to 10, according to the documentation, with higher
numbers meaning more log data.

In server.xml, as "debug=" attributes of Connector or Context elements (with
1-10 values as above).

What might be informative is to turn on debugging output for all of these,
and look over what each component thinks is happening.



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