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From "Swapneel Dange" <>
Subject Re: JDBC & ORACLE implementation !
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 07:20:09 GMT
hey CHONG , PENG !

i think i have really given up the idea of putting up ORACKLE for my 
support. after all this discussion, i just think that there i sno urgent 
need for me to take up a HUMONGOUS taks of using ORACLE and i guess i will 
IMPLEMENT the SQLPLUS or the FILESYSTEM as my alternatives to the DATABASE 

but in the end i would really like to know as to between SQLPLUS or 
FILESYSTEM, which will be convinient for me to HANDLE string stripping , 
string comparison and all that stuff ! ( BTW, i have really started 
implementing the FILESYSTEM to a good level )

do commment about this !

Swapneel Dange

>From: Chong Yu Meng <>
>Reply-To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
>To: Tomcat Users List <>
>Subject: Re: JDBC & ORACLE implementation !
>Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 07:06:31 +0800
>I think if you take Oracle installation, configuration and maintenance out 
>of the picture, you definitely have a much more workable plan. I agree with 
>Peter, in that designing the tables and application logic are going to be 
>tough. I once wrote a servlet that processed CDR data from a Cisco switch, 
>and I spent a lot of time getting the logic just right. If I understand you 
>correctly, Swapneel, you need the database for storage only, correct ? Are 
>you planning to use the Oracle text indexer, or are you implementing that 
>One last thing : JDBC may take you a shorter time to learn than the 2 weeks 
>I put down in an earlier email. On reflection, that is probably padding too 
>much, but I recommend that you do not underestimate the time taken to get 
>the JDBC connection going, especially for Oracle. I've had problems with 
>8.1.5 before and had to resort to DataDirect drivers. 8.1.7 seems to be ok, 
>Peter Lin wrote:
>>overall, using JDBC with Tomcat is the easy part. Deciding how to 
>>implement your tables and application logic will be the hard part. If your 
>>data is not normalized and doesn't need to be, then the first thing you 
>>should look into is statistical analysis of text. there are several well 
>>tested algo's for doing this type of processing. Unfortunately I don't 
>>know the name of the algo's. I worked on integrating personalization 
>>applications a couple years back relating to filtering news.
>>If your needs aren't too complex, it shouldn't take too long to implement 
>>some form of statistical analysis. Using file system to store the entire 
>>text doesn't necessarily mean you can't store the text summaries in 
>>Oracle. Google for related topics and you should be to find some examples. 
>>If you're needs are more complex, you'll need to look into grammar based 
>>parsing, which is a slow process. Most of the comparison between grammar 
>>based and statistical parsing has shown that statistical is more 
>>effective. hope that helps.
>>Swapneel Dange <> wrote:hey peter, mike & chong !
>>so if i stay with a small thing like SQLPLUS, the JDBC connectivity wont 
>>be a tough thing to do as compared to the ORACLE implementation. right ? 
>>because in last few days after consulting with some people in-house here, 
>>i am thinking over the OPTION of SQLPLUS.
>>do commment on this !
>>Swapneel Dange
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