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From "Swapneel Dange" <>
Subject Re: JDBC & ORACLE implementation !
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 05:09:18 GMT
hey CHONG !

yepp, i think i am hurrying too fast, and i have the FILE SYSTEM with me but 
the thing is that i need a sytem is which i can atlesat shoud be able to do 
something like this --

1) strip of the files of the un-necessary content.
2) then use the data for searching patterns.
3) apply the patterns to the unsual causes.
4) then use the data to relate to GRAPHS

right now i am using a file system in which i cant perform the string 
matching and other operatoins. moreover all thsi has to be implemented on 
teh WINDOWS NT or XP. so i am sure as to how u implement somethign like 
shell scripting in windows. anyways thats more or less knowledge i ahev 
about al lthis.

will be great to hear from u about all this ! thanx !

Swapneel Dange

>From: Chong Yu Meng <>
>Reply-To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
>To: Tomcat Users List <>
>Subject: Re: JDBC & ORACLE implementation !
>Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:04:32 +0800
>Hi Swapneel !
>I have to agree with Peter on this. Try to keep your application as simple 
>as possible. Don't use a database (especially NOT Oracle, if you are new to 
>databases) if you can help it, because things can get very, very 
>complicated very quickly. I think your main problem will not be connecting 
>to Oracle via JDBC, but rather :
>- how to install and tune Oracle
>- how to handle BLOBs/CLOBs
>- how to do text indexing in a database
>My suggestion is the same as Peter's : write to the filesystem. This way, 
>you only need to learn one skill - how to read/write files in Java - rather 
>than learning how to handle JDBC, install and administer Oracle (which took 
>me almost a month the last time I did it, and this was with Oracle 
>Consulting staff!) and learning how the text indexer in Oracle works.
>Hate to say this, but you may be reaching a little too far on this one.
>pascal chong

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