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From "Turner, John" <>
Subject RE: installing TomCat
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 13:10:55 GMT

Apache 1.3 modules can be compiled with support for API (EAPI) or not.  If
your Apache is expecting modules that support it, using a module that
DOESN'T support it can be anywhere from outright failure to "looks like it
will work".

I don't know where any WARP modules are, EAPI or not, in binary format.  You
could try building from source.  In any case, you would be better off using
JK or JK2 as WARP is no longer actively developed.

There are Apache 1.3 EAPI and NO-EAPI modules of JK here:

As far as Tomcat not running on any other port than 8080, you would have to
provide more detail.  It could be anything, from a local firewall rule to
Apache or something else already running on the port you are trying to use.


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> From: [de internetman] Rene Kooyman []
> Sent: Monday, February 10, 2003 5:59 AM
> To:
> Subject: installing TomCat
> Hello all,
> I'm pretty new to this stuff so if my questions may looks 'foolish'
> or in any other way not seem apropriot i'm appologizing in advance.
> Here's my custion: I've got a Linux RedHat box (7.3) with PlesK Server
> administrator (v5.0.4) installed on it. On the support forum of PlesK
> i read an atricle 'bout how to install TomCat on such a PlesK box. It
> looked pretty straightforward to me, so i went on intalling TomCat as
> described. Everything was looking good, TomCap (v4.1.18) was running
> fine on port 8080, it displayed the default indexpage of 
> TomCat, i could
> even run the examples. I was just as happy as a clam!
> But now here's the part i'm stuck and i'm wondering if anyone 
> could help
> me out here. I want to run TomCat as a module of Apache 
> (v1.3.27) so that
> Apache will forward any jsp-requests to TomCat. I knwow you 
> need to connect
> TomCat to Apache and that there are several diffent methods 
> how this can
> be done. The ones i tried so far failed.
> One example: the webapp_module. it's in the right place, but when i do
> the config test (apachectl config) i get this error:
> Loaded DSO modules/ uses plain Apache 1.3 API, 
> this module might 
> crash under EAPI!  (please recompile it with -DEAPI)
> Furthermore TomCat won't work on any other port then 8080.
> I've read a lot 'bout other connectors, but i can't seem to 
> find the right
> solution to get this thing working. I know i must have done 
> something wrong
> somewhere, or overlooked something.
> Any good advice or preferably a good 'how to' would be very welcome.
> Thank you for your time reading this.
> Kind regards, Rene
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