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Subject Tomcat3.2, IIS 5, and ISAPI (ajp12)
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 15:12:32 GMT
I am currently running the above for my servlet application.
My problem is that I am getting a "page not found error"(405.htm i think)
when I push the number of simultaneous threads up to 250. I can set my
server up to a limit on 200 threads (get 403-9.htm) and dont get the
previous error page.

When I look in my ISAPI.log file fore errors, i get this:
jk_ajp12_worker.c : ajpv12_handle_response, error writing back to server
jk_isapi_plugin.c : jk_ws_service_t::write, writeclient failed

(basically lots of these ajp12 worker and isapi plugin error messages)
No other errors noted, except instead of JSP page, I get a default error
page as mentioned previously.

I am running a default connection pool through my tomcat configuration!!
What is likely to be the problem!!

Is 250 threads to hardcore for this setup!
Is it my memory or server (dual-700 x86 nt)
Has anybody had this setup over 250 threads??

Any ideas on how to test this further to find out where the bottleneck is, I
would most apprechiate.

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