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From "Tim Moore" <>
Subject RE: Class library question
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:56:03 GMT
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> From: Barley [] 
> Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 12:45 PM
> To: Tomcat Users List
> Subject: Class library question
> Hi all,
> I am migrating from a different servlet engine to
> Tomcat, and so I already have quite a few web apps up
> and running. I'd like to avoid shuffling things around
> as much as possible on the move to Tomcat. Right now,
> I've run into a problem with Tomcat being able to find
> class libraries. Here's what I've done:
> Created a <Host> in server.xml that points to the root 
> directory of one of my webapps. I then added a <Context> in 
> the Host to map a url to a subdirectory of my Host root. 
> Apache seems to be passing the request over to Tomcat and 
> Tomcat is trying to run my JSP, but it can't find the classes 
> that the JSP depends on. Currently, those classes are located 
> in the /hostroot/WEB-INF/classes/ folder. I set up a link to 
> a lib subdirectory of WEB-INF as well, with no success.
> So, my question is, does Tomcat look in the WEB-INF/lib 
> subdirectory of the Context or the Host?

Context.  The context is a Servlet spec web application.

> Is there any way to 
> map where it looks for classes for an entire host?

Classes shared between webapps can be put in
$CATALINA_HOME/shared/classes (or shared/lib for JARs).  Unfortunately
this is not currently configurable.

> Is there a 
> much better way to do what I am trying?

It sounds like you might just want to configure "hostroot" as the root
context directory.  Make your context have docBase="/hostroot" and
path="".  I believe each host can have its own root context directory.

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