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Subject does not work when long lasting operations, such as SQL Queries, are still active!
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 13:33:10 GMT
Currently we are running a web application on AIX with ibm jre 1.3.1 and
tomcat 4.0.3 final.
When trying to shutdown the tomcat server by means of, we encounter
the following problem:
The shutdown script is executed properly but the tomcat server does not
terminate. In my opinion this is
caused by long lasting operations within the http processor threads. In other
words, when we have sql
queries or queries against other backend systems, like Content Manager (CM) or
Enterprise Information Portal (EIP),
the tomcat server does not shutdown the context and call the destroy method
until all http processor threads
have terminated.

Is there a possibility to speed up the shutdown procedure, so that tomcat does
not wait for active threads to come back?
If not is it a feasible solution to wrap long lasting operations in extra
threads and implement a time-out by means of the
Thread.join(long millis)  function within the http processor threads? Does
starting extra threads within the http processor
threads impose a problem to the runtime behavior of the tomcat server?

Thanks in advance,


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