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From Jeanfrancois Arcand <>
Subject Re: JPDA_ADDRESS default in "" is 8000, but "jdbconn" in "catalina.bat"
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 03:03:00 GMT
It depends on which JPDA connection method you use. Under windoses, you 
can use SharedMemoryAttach (transport dt_shmem) or dt_socket (like 
UNIX).. See the JPDA documentation for more info :-)

-- Jeanfrancois

Karr, David wrote:

>It seems perfectly reasonable to me to default JPDA_ADDRESS to 8000, as
>is set in "".  However, I noticed that in "catalina.bat", the
>default is not 8000, and isn't even a number, being "jdbconn", whatever
>that means.  What is the reason for that difference?
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