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From Peng Tuck Kwok <>
Subject Re: A problem with Tomcat and port 8080
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 08:09:11 GMT
Something is running on port 8080, it looks like the old tomcat is 
running. You could try and kill all java processes in your machine to be 
sure then start up your new copy.

Michael Harrison wrote:
> I'm running (or trying to) Tomcat 4.0.6 on RedHat 8.0 for PC. I installed Tomcat from
a binary (ie. I just unpacked it and moved it into /usr/local. I ultimately hope to run it
connected to Apache (2.0.44) through an ajp13 connector, but for now I just want the server
to run by itself on port 8080.
> When I startup Tomcat, it writes an error to logs/catalina.out about a BindException:
address already in use:8080. To try to shut off whatever might be listening on 8080, I've
made sure to kill the 'java' process for Tomcat and Apache (which starts automatically when
rebooting). But I still get the same error.
> Another strange thing: despite the BindException, the 'java' process keeps running. Executing produces the four "Using..." lines of output and then hangs--I have to use Ctrl-C
to get a prompt back, and the 'java' process continues to run.
> Also: a bit of history. I had Tomcat working OK on 8080 a few days ago. Then I began
working to set up the connector: I complied a mod_jk and set up httpd.conf with the proper
directives. Something I did must have offended Tomcat, because it stopped responding on 8080.
To get a fresh start, I downloaded a new copy of Tomcat this morning and installed it in a
separate directory under /usr/local. It's this new copy that has been returning the BindException.
> The sysadmin assures me that port 8080 is not being blocked on the machine, either.
> Thanks,
> Michael

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