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From Chong Yu Meng <>
Subject Re: changing the IPaddress !
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2003 04:19:06 GMT
Hello Swapneel !

In a typical scenario, your computer or server will have a name, for 
example , This DNS name will exist on a DNS server 
somewhere on the Internet, and it would have been registered under 
InterNIC (or Verisign now, isn't it ?). Anybody anywhere in the world 
will be able to open a browser and key in "" and be 
automatically directed to your server. If the server that is runs Tomcat, the browser will be able to run servlets 
and JSPs and display "" in 
the URL.

If you have not registered  a domain with InterNIC/Verisign, or if your 
DNS record does not exist on the Internet, nobody can access 
"" because, to all intents and purposes, it does not 
exist on the Internet.

If you have a cable/DSL/dial-up connection, you may have a 
permanent/temporary IP address, and I am assuming that you want to turn 
that IP address into a URL like Well, that isn't 
possible unless you have registered your name with Verisign/InterNIC, 
have a permanent IP address or a temporary address with a service like 
DynDNS. In Apache, you can define the ServerName directive as 
"", and it will return that URL in the browser when 
people access your site using your IP address, but the next time they 
key in "", they will get -- nothing ! Because that 
server and domain does not exist in any DNS records.

I hope this clears up some of your confusion. As you may have noticed, 
this is not a Tomcat issue, but a network one. If you have difficulty 
understanding what I have written above, you may want to post your 
question on a networking mailing list, read books on TCP/IP and DNS, or 
-my recommendation- find someone in your organization who may have 
worked for an ISP before. They'll explain how it works. There is no easy 
way to explain this in an email. I personally had to setup 2 computers 
in my office in my previous employment, setup a DNS server and show my 
trainees how the whole process worked, and even then, they understood 
with some difficulty.


Swapneel Dange wrote:

> john !
> i guess what ur saying is making sense to me like i should set up the 
> DNS on my comp as mine will be the NATIVE MACHINE , which will be used 
> to run the SRVLETS( so the idea of changing the DNS makes sense here) 
> but when my clients will access the servlets from the remote machine, 
> i am not sure what type of machines they wil be using so thats why i 
> am not sure as to how can u setup a record for the DNS of all the 
> machines in the world which will try to access the SERVLETS i am 
> running here.
> can u explain me something on this issue !
> Swapneel Dange
> 505-642-4126

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