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From Erik Price <>
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 23:25:46 GMT
Hi Steve,

RTFM means "Read the friggin' manual".  It is used in almost any place 
where a person is asking a question when they could have read a document 
instead.  The idea is that nobody has extra time sitting around to waste 
re-explaining things that have been explained perfectly well elsewhere.

In your case, I think what you ought to read is the manual of mailing 
list etiquette.  At first I thought you were a joker or someone who 
found it amusing to post the same questions again and again with strange 
exclamation points (!!!!) and colloquialisms such as "Capiche".  I 
thought you were being rude, but I think now I realize that you just 
don't know any better.

You are getting fewer answers every day because more and more people 
have set up their email clients to filter out your posts.  It has become 
tiresome to read the same questions again and again, when others have 
pointed you to perfectly fine tutorials explaining how to go about it. 
If these tutorials are not a good enough explanation, then perhaps you 
ought to step down a notch to something more basic.

Configuring Tomcat and writing JSP/servlet webapps is not easy, and 
requires that you understand the fundamentals of the Java language. 
There are dozens of free books with thousands of pages dedicated to this 
topic, a good one is "Thinking in Java" at .  A 
specialized mailing list like this one is dedicated to answering 
questions and discussing issues surrounding Tomcat, not explaining the 
syntax of a switch statement.  Don't take that as an insult, I'm just 
explaining how it is.  Sun offers an excellent forum for programmers who 
are new to Java at .

But the problem at hand isn't even really whether or not this is the 
appropriate mailing list for you.  You are not getting much help because 
you simply do not know the protocol for asking questions on a mailing 
list.  It is not appropriate to discuss anything but Tomcat, or 
Tomcat-related issues on this list.  Not switch statements.  Not 
personal issues regarding your social development.  People will forgive 
you if you make a mistake in this regard once in a while.  But this has 
become a daily affair.

I am going to give you one last hyperlink, and I really hope that you 
click it and read the web page it takes you to.  Others have already 
given you this, and I can only assume that you haven't found time to 
read it yet.  But please read this document.  It will take you all of 
fifteen minutes.  If you don't, or if you read it but choose not to 
listen, then no one on any mailing list is going to help you, as more 
and more people tune you out with email filters.

The document is called "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way", and is 
available at .  It is the 
"friggin' manual" for all mailing lists.  RTFM.


Steve Burrus wrote:
> Matthew, please forgive my *dumb naivety*, but what does RTFM mean,i.e., what does it
stand for exactly anyway? I hope that this doesn't sound like some kind of a "rant" [again],
but it seems like for a long time now people in this newsgroup have "ragging" on me! Capiche?!

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