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From Martin Jacobson <>
Subject Re: Little system X Great architecture
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 09:12:22 GMT
Jose Euclides da Silva Junior - DATAPREVRJ wrote:
> Hi,
> i need to code a system in which there is no many business rules, but i need
> data persistence in a database. Even if this system will have an enterprise
> users scope, should i use EJB technology? What about only servlets/jsp?
> Regards,
> Euclides. 

The application I am currently developing seems similar to yours: I have 
persistant data in a relational database, with a Web-based client tier. 
I have abstracted the SQL-specific stuff into separate classes (this 
means I can easily switch between MySQL [development] & Oracle 
[production]. Business-level logic (including transactions) is in a next 
layer of code, while the servlets do the presentation-level work only.
I don't use JSPs, as I found that using an HTML template engine 
(Velocity) provides a cleaner separation of the HTML generation.

I did consider EJBs initially, but rapidly came to the conclusion that 
my app was *way* too small - the overheads are so great that you need a 
substantial application before you reach break even.



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