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From Martin Jacobson <>
Subject Re: [OT]JSP defense - can you point me in the right direction
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 09:42:58 GMT
Denise Mangano wrote:
> Wow.  Thank you all so much for responding to this question.  Its getting
> quite frustrating hearing them saying CGI CGI CGI...  especially since they
> are looking for a 'quick' solution and haven't done any research to the
> advantages/disadvantages of using one technology over the other.
> This project is to design a system that will one day (hopefully) be
> implemented in one of the largest hospitals in the area.  This is definitely
> not child's play - it will not only be important for this project to be
> maintainable, but also to be expandable to meet the growing needs of the
> client.  Personally, when I think CGI, I think of some rinky dink site that
> people put up to sell the useless items collecting dust at home.  Forgive me
> if I am offending anyone, I am sure that CGI does have its good qualities...
> PHP was suggested but the ones who were adamant about CGI tossed that out
> the window... I would rather have to struggle through learning PHP then to
> use CGI!

I would only add two things to all the good words already said:
1) If the site is to be 'secure', then you will have to worry about 
things like user identification and authorisation, and maintaining 
sessions - this comes 'virtually free' with servlets, and, in my 
experience, is a major hassle with CGI.
2) Try looking at HTML template processors, such as Jakarta's 'Velocity' 
project as an alternative to JSPs - I have found Velocity + Servlet a 
much 'cleaner' solution to my problems than JSPs (of course, YMMV!).

HTH Martin

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