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From Jukka Raanamo <>
Subject Re: mod_jk2
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 08:08:51 GMT
Hi Mark,

Since you've got  the whole thing working, do you know if for the load 
balancer to be able to keep track with what request belongs to what 
session, session id's must be written to the uri instead of using 
cookies? I got it otherwise working with Apache 2.0.44/Tomcat 4.1.18/JK2 
2.0.43 it just that sessions do not persist.


Jukka Raanamo

Mark Eggers wrote:

>I am currently using Apache 2.0.43, Tomcat 4.1.18, and
>jdk 1.4.1_01 successfully on Win/2000 Professional
>with mod_jk2.
>I have also used mod_jk2 to integrate IIS 5 and Tomcat
>4.1.18 on Win/2000 Professional.
>I have not tried the JNI (in process) configurations,
>nor have I tried the Cygwin port of Apache 2.0.x with
>the Cygwin IPC daemon.
>Since this is my personal development machine, I don't
>have any really pressing need to improve performance
>(right now) by trying an in-process or semaphore
>Under Tomcat, I'm running cocoon 2-dev, struts, and
>jetspeed.  Under Apache I'm running both mod_php4 and
>mod_perl (with ActiveState Perl).
>Everything seems to be stable on the following
>Dell 8200
>1.8 GHz Intel
>512 MB memory
>80 GB disk
>I am also running both postgres and mysql as well as a
>full development environment on this machine.
>Occaisionally I'll play Unreal Tournament (original or
>2003) with no real problems.
>I'll try to put together some how-to's (using Forrest)
>in the next few days.
>just another out-of-work sys-admin/programmer/network
>engineer . . .
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