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From Erik Price <>
Subject Re: web.xml question
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 23:00:35 GMT

Pooleery, Manoj wrote:
> Is there some documentation regarding this?  I remember this used to work
> earlier.  is this the case only with tomcat or with all app servers?  
> I tried out different options like putting /servlets or /servlet before the
> servlet class, but the only time it worked was when I specified the servlet
> class in the web.xml AND a <servlet-mapping> entry as well.  My question is,
> is this a standard being followed universally?

This raises a good point -- considering that probably 99% of tutorials 
and books teach "Hello World" using the invoker servlet, I'm surprised 
there isn't a strong warning that this functionality has been disabled 
on the front page of the Tomcat pages.

Then again, a big warning about the introduction of superglobals and 
deprecation of register_globals on the PHP site didn't do anything to 
stop the tide of confusion, so maybe it'd be for naught.


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