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From rems <>
Subject testing Tomcat on SMP box
Date Mon, 03 Feb 2003 14:32:33 GMT
For few days I run performance tests on 4 (Intel's) processor box.
One of them is servlet running on Tomcat - this is just creating MD5 
digest of some short text about 1000 times and some loop to glue these 
digests with some HTML tags and no other activity.

I run tests with httperf or apachebench (ab).
Problem is, I cannot reach 100% of CPUs usage.
On top it seems, test take about 50-80% (it depends on concurrency rate).
When I run two Tomcats as separate processes, I could reach about 90% 
(but still not 100%).

In opposite - when I run PHP script with near code (creating MD5 of the 
same text, and loop with HTML pieces) on Apache - I reach 100% of CPUs 
usage at about 80 req/s without any problems.

May be, I'm not aware of some conf issues, but I try to influence on 
usage by changing number of allowed Tomcat's HttpProcessors - it seems, 
that with increasing number of threads usage of machine decreases (of 
course performance also)

And here few questions:
- anybody knows about complications with threads on SMP Intel based 
machines with Tomcat (or JVM itself maybe)?
- or maybe I misconfigured something in Tomcat, what prevents me from 
reaching 100% usage of system/CPUs

Best regards and thanks for any advices

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