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From William Claxton <>
Subject need 2 appbase settings
Date Tue, 25 Feb 2003 05:09:09 GMT
We have successfully moved our appbase to a folder other than Tomcat's
default.  However, this means we can no longer see the manual pages or the
Tomcat servlet examples.

I believe the correct approach would be to create 2 host entries in
'server.xml', one with the default appbase (where we'd find the Tomcat
manual and examples), and one for the modified appbase (where we'd find our
own applications).  There may also need to be modifications to the Apache
configuration, to enable virtual hosting. 

Has anyone done this?  If so, can you provide snippets from your
'server.xml' and perhaps 'httpd.conf' to show us how it's done?

        Regards, Bill Claxton []
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