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From Mufaddal <>
Subject Tomcat - SSL Question .. Certificate problem
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 05:09:11 GMT


I have followed the instructions at: to 
enable SSL.

when i try to access the jsp page using : 
https://locahost:8443/login.jsp ... a dialogue pops up saying:


Unable to establish a secure connection to 'localhost'. There is a 
problem with the security ceritificate from that site. (The identity of 
certificate issuer is unknown).

The information you view and send will be readable to others while in 
transit, and it may not go to the intended party.

Continue loading this page ?

Stop  Continue


When i hit continue i can still access my jsp pae and everything works 
fine. The only problem is that SSL is not being used since the 
connection could not be established as warned by the dialogue box that 
popped up.

The certificate i had generate was using keytool just like its 
explained on the howto webpage. I am using internet explorer 5.2 on Mac 

Can anybody please shed some light on where i am going wrong. ?


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