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From nord ehacedod <>
Subject Subject: RE: Tomcat 4.1.18-LE re-writes tomcat-users.xml file; why?
Date Sat, 22 Feb 2003 03:20:44 GMT

> Yoav is correct - you can create users in the Admin
> ...and you could use the "Fullname" field for your

So users should put comments into the "Fullname"
attribute because the
file must be writeable for the admin app even if you
don't run the
admin app? This is likely to depress instead of
impress Tomcat users.

We make few changes to the tomcat-users.xml file and
do not run the
admin webapp, so it is natural for us to want this
file to be
configured read-only.

It is fairly easy to find the few lines of code in
org.apache.catalina.user.MemoryUserDatabase which do
the rewriting,
comment them out, rename the class
ReadOnlyMemoryUserDatabase, compile
it, put it in server/lib/, and edit server.xml to use
the fixed class.

It would be nice to have a configurable option


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