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From Rasputin <>
Subject Re: ant deploy task?
Date Thu, 20 Feb 2003 11:43:26 GMT
* John Ruffin <> [0205 18:05]:
> I asked this same question last week - with no response.  
> What I did was tell TC to not auto-expand and get everything from the war
> file itself.  Ant will copy the war file to catalina_home/webapps.  Then I
> use Manager to stop and start the app - restart doesn't work for me.  
> Testing "Best Practices" from the seasoned folks on the list is greatly
> appreciated.

That works a treat - thanks John, Obviously the file being physically
in webapps means it survives a reboot without requiring edits to server.xml

I just need to figure out how to remove them now:

a <delete> task takes care of the WARfile, then a <remove> ant task
will drop the context, but I get problems if the remove fails while the
file is still there.

Does anyone jnow where the documentation for the catalina ant tasks is?

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