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From Steve Burrus <>
Subject Re: How It's Done (was Re: Need help - tomcat do not generate .java and .class file in the work folder)
Date Sat, 15 Feb 2003 05:56:59 GMT
 Hi Will. Once again, you prove that you are the undisputable "master of the damn
sarcastic reply"!! ["Yes. Exactly. *ding* *ding* *ding* "A Winna!"] I really
don't need, for a moment, all of the upper case lettering which you seemingly
chose to put into your offering. Do you really think that i am just too *dense*
to "get it", a simple explanation about something by either you or someone else
in our group??? You talked to me like I was some kind of a child/kid again, and I

 But, the main "gist" of what you were trying to say to me I will certainly take
to heart. I absolutely need to read a lot more documentation, i.e., the much
talked about "TFM's", and then after I have done that, then I can pose a lot more
"educated-sounding" questions to our newsgroup. Yes, I will admit that. I guess
that I really need some kind of a personal tutor to help me with these difficult
things  about how to use the full power of the J2EE API to create these
components like the jsp's and the servlets. But, I simply cannot afford that kind
of a person for a moment. I dare you, Will, to respond back to me this time,
unlike another time when you utterly ignored me. You would rather get in yer
little "verbal jab" at me, and then retreat.     

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