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From Rasputin <>
Subject Re: [OT] question about killfile
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 21:53:57 GMT
* Denise Mangano <> [0241 21:41]:
> Sorry for the dumb question... But I keep seeing people talk about a
> killfile.  Seeing as how this is the first list I've ever subscribed to, I
> had to ask - what exactly is a killfile?  Without pointing fingers, there
> are some poster(s) I'd like to block.  I know I can block the address, or
> set up a rule in Outlook to automatically move messages from a specific
> address to the deleted items folder...  But I was just curious if this
> killfile was something different, and more effective.

I'm using procmail and Spamassassin on BSD, which both work very well
(not just for killfiles but as a general filtering system).

If you're using Outlook, then just use the Rules Wizard to block based
on sender. Most of the regulars don't change e-mail address, so if you want to
filter people out that usually helps. While you're setting it up, try sending to a
folder called 'junk' rather than auto-deleting, just to check it works. And most
people deserve a second chance too :)

On a high traffic list like this one, it might be a good idea to filter
subjects you're not interested in - for example, since i don't use Windows I tend
to remove posts about IIS or SQL server, or with the word windows in the title.

Rasputin :: Jack of All Trades - Master of Nuns

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