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From Francesa Lacreativa <>
Subject Re: Tomcat/Apache2/JNI on Solaris
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:52:49 GMT

> One difference I noticed -- I have in =
> don't know if that makes a difference, maybe the default loc is now
> $APACHE_HOME/modules or maybe it doesn't make a difference in 4.1.18 =
> TC.

> Paul

>Where exactly should live?
>the official tomcat document
>says to put both "" and "" into the apache modules
>directory, which is what I did.
I have mine in both places (lib and modules) and it doesn't seem to make a difference.
>On the other hand, the document:
>has the following:
>and neither of the jar files exist in the respective directories.
>(btw, shouldn't it be : instead of ; between two jars?)
>This makes me suspect the acuaracy of the document.

that makes two of us.  that documentation leaves much to be desired.  but, of course, it's


>Do I have to set those OPT in the 
>I don't need to do any of those if I start tomcat manually.

it doesn't seem to make a difference in my errors if all those optional arguments to the java
vm (OPT) are omitted or in full swing.  But I don't have it working yet so I can't say much.

>btw, where is {TOMCAT_HOME} defined, how does get
>that info?

${TOMCAT_HOME} is supposed to be defined in your environment variables of the executing user.
to see if you have it set.  if you don't, either replace ${TOMCAT_HOME} with the full path
to your tomcat install or set the environment variable in the .rc file for your shell (which
could be any number of files depending on which shell you use.  .profile often works for multiple
if i ever get mine working, i'll post the complete configuration for the group to see.  Who
knows, i might even right a HOWTO at this point...

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