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From Francesa Lacreativa <>
Subject Re: Tomcat/Apache2/JNI on Solaris
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 15:03:10 GMT

Thanks for your reply, Paul.  I did post my entire problem last week but maybe it was too
much at once.
My config is Solaris 8, Apache 2.0.43, TC 4.1.18, and JDK 1.4.  I have used the default config
that is specified on the jakarta JK2 website (not very helpful, unfortunately), but I just
get more errors in apache's error log about the shm file in additional to the factory errors.
 I don't get any errors in catalina.out, but I get this error in apache once i start it:

[error] env.createBean2(): Factory error creating channel.jni:jni ( channel.jni, jni)
[error] config.update(): Can't create channel.jni:jni  
[error] env.createBean2(): Factory error creating vm: ( vm, )  
[error] config.update(): Can't create vm:    
[error] env.createBean2(): Factory error creating worker.jni:onStartup ( worker.jni, onStartup)
[error] config.update(): Can't create worker.jni:onStartup    
[error] env.createBean2(): Factory error creating worker.jni:onShutdown ( worker.jni, onShutdown)
[error] config.update(): Can't create worker.jni:onShutdown    
[error] mod_jk child init 1 0                             
[notice] Apache/2.0.43 (Unix) mod_jk2/2.0.2 configured -- resuming normal operations
[info] Server built: Feb  4 2003 11:38:17
[debug] prefork.c(1039): AcceptMutex: pthread (default: pthread)

It seems to me like apache isn't able to start tomcat at all.  I noticed that I get the same
error even if I completely remove the file from the modules directory.  

Should I send more info?  

thanks again,



 "Brzezinski, Paul J" <Paul.Brzezinski@EDS.COM> wrote:Francesa Lacreativa wrote:

>Has anyone been able to get Apache2 to start tomcat 4 via JNI and the
>JK2 connector? on Solaris by chance? If so, could you please post or
>privately email me your configuration files (httpd.conf,
have you tried any of the latest builds? Are you getting errors in 
catalina.out? Please post your errors or give a little more detail 
about your config -- which flavor of J2SDK, what version of Apache, 
TomCat and the connectors you're using...

I did get this work on TC 4.1.15 but ended up combining all the jars 
into $CATALINA_HOME/common/lib because of a classloader issue...don't 
know if that's been resolved config: Solaris 8, J2SE v1.4, 
Tomcat was the 4.1.15-JDK-1.4.

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