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From "Steven J. Owens" <>
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 07:01:33 GMT
On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 08:09:04PM -0800, Steve Burrus wrote:
> Thank you Peng for being THE ONLY PERSON TO RESPOND TO ME SO FAR!!!

     Well, you have to recognize that not everybody is awake, or
interested, at the same time.

> I really do appreciate your honesty that u seemed to display in yer
> response back to me!!! 

     Anybody who actually *responds* to you, negative or positive, is
being more honest than most people, who will simply ignore you (and
this, in turn, is more honest than those who will engage in a false
dialog to have fun teasing you, or to pump their own egoes).  Those
who ignore you are divided (in what proportion, I cannot say) between
those who are unwilling to invest the time and energy in this
community, and those who have prior obligations that take precedence
(for example, Craig McClanahan).

> Please, can't someone other than this Peng respond back to my
> "baring of my soul" in a meaningful and relevent way? Why have I not
> heard back from this Craig Mcclanahan with the news that he intends
> to "kick me out" of this newsgroup?

     I wouldn't expect Craig to do so.  

     For one thing, he's not in charge of this list, although most
people in the java world have a lot of respect for him and would
certainly give a lot of attention to any request he made.

     For another thing, Craig's probably much more interested in
devoting his energy to the various projects that he's committed to -
like helping get the next version of Tomcat out, or helping steer the
development of various Java Community Process specifications.

     For yet another thing, Craig constantly contributes his time and
expertise to helping people get started with tomcat (and on the
servlet list, though I haven't really had time to read that list in
the past few years, so I don't know if he still does).  He probably
has learned by now to focus on investing his time and energy in places
where he can make a positive difference, and ignore situations like

     I recognize where you're coming from here.  I've been frustrated
and trying to find the answer to problems, and I've had that feeling
that nobody's listening.  But experience (both that experience, and
the experience of being on the other side of this equation) has
shown me that the real reason people are responding is that:

     some people have no clue how to respond (we're not all experts)
     some people don't have the answer (even the experts don't always know)
     some people don't have the time (experts are often very busy)

     And finally,

     some people don't need the angst.

     To explain tht last; being busy, you want to invest your time
where you *know* it will make a difference.  Even the time necessary
to *figure out* whether a given request will make a difference or not
is too much.  There are a thousand requests at any given moment. Any
one of them (or many of them) could easily suck up enough time, just
figuring out if the requester knows enough to understand the answer,
to prevent you from answering the dozens of requests where you *know*
your response will make a difference.  Not to mention the other
activities you may be involved in, which will strategically help
thousands or tens of thousands of people at once.

     This is why, if you want to get answers to your questions, you
have to make it clear in your post that you have done your homework,
that you have tried the usual resources, that you are not asking for
the answer to be spoonfed to you.  

     And sadly, even then, the simple fact may be that nobody around
at the moment knows the answer.  And that the people who might be able
to figure out the answer, with some time and thought, don't have the
time to spare, because they're busy working on either more advanced
issues, or helping people with more basic stuff (as we see here, every

Steven J. Owens

"I'm going to make broad, sweeping generalizations and strong,
 declarative statements, because otherwise I'll be here all night and
 this document will be four times longer and much less fun to read.
 Take it all with a grain of salt." - Me at

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