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Subject Re: [OT]JSP defense - can you point me in the right direction
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 15:07:45 GMT
I'm curious to see how I get shot down...

On Thu, Feb 06, 2003 at 01:11:39AM -0500, Denise Mangano wrote:
> Wow.  Thank you all so much for responding to this question.  Its getting
> quite frustrating hearing them saying CGI CGI CGI...  especially since they
> are looking for a 'quick' solution and haven't done any research to the
> advantages/disadvantages of using one technology over the other.

Well, they're probably worried about the staying power of
these newfangled technologies.  CGI is understood by (say)
(even lazy) (*nix) admins, while the whole concept of a Java
servlet engine is a bit overwhelming at first.

> This project is to design a system that will one day (hopefully) be
> implemented in one of the largest hospitals in the area.  This is definitely
> not child's play - it will not only be important for this project to be
> maintainable, but also to be expandable to meet the growing needs of the
> client.  Personally, when I think CGI, I think of some rinky dink site that
> people put up to sell the useless items collecting dust at home.  Forgive me
> if I am offending anyone, I am sure that CGI does have its good qualities...
> PHP was suggested but the ones who were adamant about CGI tossed that out
> the window... I would rather have to struggle through learning PHP then to
> use CGI!

If you know C and/or Perl (I assume you would choose one of
these to write your CGI app) PHP is not hard to pick up.
Also, you can write PHP and run it as CGI (some features may
not be as convenient that way, though).  So perhaps a
strategy would be, start with PHP/CGI, and then once they
see results, point out that mod_php is faster and simplifies
your scripts, and everyone's doing it.  It may not be the
best long-term solution, but it's one you can "see from

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