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From Ming Zhao <>
Subject How to configure number of sessions, threads or connections of the server?
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 22:51:39 GMT
I met a problem on my server's configuration.
On my website, the user can simulate the manufacturing
systme (java bean) online. If I run the simulation
offline (with the JBuilder), it's no problem to run
for the real time from year 1990 to now. When I put it
online, it can only run for short time (from 1/1/2002
to now), and I got some error for the long running
time simulation. So I think it the memory problem.
Therefor, I want to set the number of threads or
connections the server can server simultanously. But I
tried and failed. If you know something on it or you
think it's not the memory problem, please help me.

I use Apache2 and Tomcat4.1 (as the service to deal
with jsp files) under windows2000; In fact I once only
used Tomcat and the same problem. You can test it: 
1. to sign in with zcm as
username and password; first button "reset simulation" to set the
beginning time of simulation; the last button "start simulation" to run


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