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From "Stratmann, Holger" <>
Subject WebDav Problems with url mappings
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 14:26:19 GMT
Hello everybody,

I have serious problems with the WebDAV servlet when I try to map it to a
URL-pattern other than "/".

I'd like to map it to /DAV or /webdav or something.
Just to clarify my terminology (which may not be 100% correct):

I want the WebDAV servlet to run in the same context as many other servlets
and I want them to access the same "webspace"-directory (i.e.: I want the
WebDAV-servlet to provice access to my webspace).

I would assume that that is what many users want - what's a "stand alone"
WebDAV-servlet good for??

Anyway: the servlet doesn't seem to consider its url mapping internally (not

at all or not correctly).
As a "quick experimental patch" I tried the following:

 MyDavServlet extends WebdavServlet {
     protected String getRelativePath(HttpServletRequest request) {
 		String res = super.getRelativePath(request);
 		System.err.println("translating path " + res);
 		if (res.startsWith("/XDAV")) res = res.substring(5);
 		if (res.length() < 1) return "/";
 		return res;
 Without this modification, Windows webfolders do not work at all.
 With this modification, they work, but not 100% correctly.
 Every folder (collection) also seems to contain itself. Funny effect.
 ==> My "patch" is not the solution, but probably a pointer to 
 the problem...
 I haven't spent more time with it (yet) because I don't use 
 it yet. I just stumbled across this problem after just 10 
 minutes of experimenting :-(((

 I would soon LIKE TO use it and appreciate any hints that help me solve the
problem before I have to start digging in the source codes...

P.S.: Some other people seem to have experienced this problem already. I've
seen the problem on the mailing list, but no hint or solution :-((( 

P.P.S.: Please reply to my e-mail address as well... this list is so busy
I'd probably miss some answers otherwise... Thanks

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