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From Mike Johnson <>
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2003 04:02:29 GMT
damn... cool down. :-)

first off, i looked up some of your previous posts, you might benefit
from reading this:

(sorry about the google cache, seems to be redirecting random
places right now.)

anywho, that's written by a guy who's very well known around these
parts, if you're not familiar with him. he comes off, er, pompous in
that piece but he does have a good point. there's a certain culture on
mailing lists. a silent, agreed-apon way to ask questions in order to
get good results.

secondly, if you do get a polite response to your questions, be
grateful. somebody has taken time out of their day to help you with your
problem, and besides that, it's quite rare to have a good conversation
"on the list." most people come off sounding like jerks with their
writing, so don't be put off by it. this is a collection of "geeks" and
specialists, not english majors. many people just don't have the writing
skills or time to make everything clear for their readers beyond the
technical realm. and remember, english is not a first language for many

thirdly, one thing i've learned: use smileys. whenever your intent or
mood might not be obvious to the reader, the :-) denotes you are
laughing or at least not meaning to be hurtful. if you really must use
exclamation points, use them with caution -- they almost always make you
sound angry. you really don't want any sort of attitude like that to
show in your email, you are asking a question after all. the responses
you gather will probably attack you. you are asking for a technical
answer, so ask in a technical manner.

and lastly: always think before you post. i have an annoying habit of
firing off an email before i've really caught all of my own errors, i
think everybody does that. before you hit that send button, try to
explore on your own for a while. it'll do you good anyhow. :-)

and please, fix your email client. :-)

Mike Johnson

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 19:05, Steve Burrus wrote:
> This might be just enough from me to get me permanently "kicked off"
> of this newsgroup (are you reading this,  Craig R. McClanahan??) I
> don't really care! I just had to "get off of my chest" a thing or two,
> and that is that just about all of you people out there in this
> newsgroup seem to have in for me in a really big way!! You make me
> feel like I should first "drop dead" and then possibly--if I
> could--"drop off of the face of this Earth"!! Maybe I should consult a
> psychologist/psychiatrist about this, but I have felt for a long time
> in my life that nobody in the whole wide world knows or wants to know
> that I AM ALIVE AT ALL. I dare anyone to respond to me WITHOUT saying
> to me the same old things in the way of an admonition that I have
> certainly heard so much of from so many of u recently. Thank
> You        
Mike Johnson <>

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