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From "\[de internetman\] Rene Kooyman" <>
Subject RE: installing TomCat
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 20:47:00 GMT
Citeren "Turner, John" <>:

Thanx for all your time John, I'll start again where i left off 2day, i've
been working on this problem all day (12 hours now ...) i'm beat and b4 i
maka any weird msitakes .... you knwo what i mean ... we'll see again in
the mornin'...  have a good one !

> I would just download both binaries from the Jakarta site.
> One is EAPI, one is not.  Try it with each until the error goes away.  My
> guess is that your Apache either has EAPI support compiled in or it
> doesn't,
> and I don't know of a way to tell.  Somebody probably does.
> The dir structure is puzzling, but my guess is it's because RH does things
> their own way.  You'll probably want to run "httpd -v" and see what version
> number pops is very possible that you are running Apache 2 and you
> don't know it, in which case you'll want to reconfigure accordingly.
> I never enable or install the Apache that comes in RedHat, I always install
> my own from source, but that is just old habit left over from the good old
> days.  My point is that I can't really help specifically other than to
> provide suggestions, as I typically don't start with the environment that
> you have, which is why my HOWTOs talk about installing Apache.
> John

    Kind regards,

        Rene Kooyman


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