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From "\[de internetman\] Rene Kooyman" <>
Subject RE: installing TomCat
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 19:24:40 GMT
Citeren "Turner, John" <>:

Hi John (again) and other readers,


I've followed this 'how to' on building (Alternate build
process for to the letter, everything looks good, the
files get copied to the right places, but .... when i edit http.conf
an check apache (apachectl configtest) i get errors: Cannot load ...
because Apache aparently can't locate the file (which is
named '' btw). Even renaming it won't help, Apache
just can't find ...  help?

This type of OS/system: RedHat 7.3, Apache 1.3.27 TomCat 4.1.18

I need to get TomCat connected to Apache, one way or another. If any
of you could help met with a good 'how to'. I'd be a very happy man.

> Sounds good. Lajos's guides are pretty good.  If you want extra docs, check
> out mine at  They're essentially the same
> in content (I learned from Lajos's docs when I started with Tomcat) but
> sometimes a different viewpoint or presentation helps solve problems.

This hot-to is indeed pretty well documented, i even 'stumbled' on yours
searching for help with Google.. only thing is: you've written this for
Win 2K only, my system is: RedHat 7.3, Apache 1.3.27 TomCat 4.1.18.

    Kind regards,

        Rene Kooyman


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