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From "\[de internetman\] Rene Kooyman" <>
Subject RE: installing TomCat
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 15:35:30 GMT
Citeren "Turner, John" <>:

Hi John,

Thx for your time.

> I don't know where any WARP modules are, EAPI or not, in binary format. 
> You could try building from source.  In any case, you would be better off
> using JK or JK2 as WARP is no longer actively developed.

I was wondering why the downloads of that part were so quiet, now i know.

I'll give JK or JK a try.

> There are Apache 1.3 EAPI and NO-EAPI modules of JK here:
> /bin/linux/i386/
> As far as Tomcat not running on any other port than 8080, you would have to
> provide more detail.  It could be anything, from a local firewall rule to
> Apache or something else already running on the port you are trying to use.

I know for a fact that it isn't a firewall or other problem, just that
i can't get TomCat to connect to Apache, will try JK or JK2 maybe that'll
do the trick... or it's bak to the drawingboard ....

    Kind regards,

        Rene Kooyman


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