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From Joe Tomcat <>
Subject RE: [OT]JSP defense - can you point me in the right direction
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2003 10:13:44 GMT
On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 22:11, Denise Mangano wrote:
> Wow.  Thank you all so much for responding to this question.  Its getting
> quite frustrating hearing them saying CGI CGI CGI...  especially since they
> are looking for a 'quick' solution and haven't done any research to the
> advantages/disadvantages of using one technology over the other.

I'm glad you're getting more solid information on this.  CGI is
absolutely not the way to do anything beyond a very quick, small site
that has one page maybe that says "The time in Kansas is..." kind of a
thing.  PHP is fine... but if this thing ever needs to grow at all, you
need a technology such as JSP/Servlets.  It's not any more difficult,
and the advantages you get are huge.

One of the few advantages of PHP over Java is portability.  PHP runs on
more systems.  The *BSDs don't have such good Java support, but they can
run PHP natively and easily.  This was one of the factors in Yahoo's
decision to use PHP instead of Java, because Yahoo uses FreeBSD for all
of its servers.  I wish Sun would allow the release of native JDKs for
*BSD, or the GNU project would launch a competitive JRE, or Kaffe would
get up to Java 1.4.  But all those things may be a long way off.

It's hard to think of any advantages that CGIs have over anything else.

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